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General use

Chyll basically works just like other social apps. Users can post, repost, and reply to other users' posts. Users can upload images, use GIFs, and compose 140 character status updates. However, Chyll is different than other social apps. Chyll is designed for people who love to hang out. The whole app is structured around sharing experiences. At a killer party? Did you take a nice walk through a nature preserve? Have a great day hanging out with your best friend at your favorite hang out spot? Share it with your friends on Chyll! That's what we want to provide to our users, a great place to share their adventures with everyone.

Creating a new Chyll account

Creating a Chyll account is very easy. First, choose a username with at least 4 characters but no more than 12 characters. It is also important to make sure you choose a username that no one else is using. If the username box is red and you have double checked that the length is valid, then assume it has been taken and choose a different one.

After you have chosen a username to represent yourself on all your posts, you will need to enter your phone number, email, birthdate, and gender. These are all self-explanitory but it is important to note that any user who enters a birthday that indicates they are not at least 13 years old will not be allowed to create an account. This restriction exists to protect us and the user.

Finally, you will choose a password with at least 8 characters. Please, make your password difficult to crack. For example, password meets the length requirements, but is a horrible password. Choose something like ilovedogs5051 so that your account and your information are safe from trouble makers. After you enter your password twice, check both boxes under the password box to confirm you have read Chyll's Privacy Policy and Term of Use. A button will pop up after all boxes are filled, click that and your account will be created!

Signing into your account

To sign into uour Chyll account, enter your case-sensitive username and password. Decide whether or not you would like Chyll to keep you signed in and tap on sign in. Chyll will load all your settings for a moment and then display your profile.

You will need to sign in to see posts made by other users. Trying to access anything from the drop down menu other than the App Info section will bring you to the sign in panel.


Your Chyll profile is the panel that loads immediately after logging in. Here you will find your emoji, username, XP, and settings. Your emoji can be changed, but we will go over that later. Your username appears below your emoji. You cannot change your username once you choose it. Under your username you can see your XP number. We will go over XP and how it works later as well.

Next, you will see that there are three buttons, a home button, friends button, and a settings button. Tapping the home button will navigate to your content feed, likewise, tapping the friends icon will take you to your friend list. If you tap on the settings button your wall will be repleaced with a panel full of sliders and buttons. We will find out what these do in a different section.

A quick note on walls

Your wall will only show posts that you have made. When you first create an account, there will be no posts to display so your wall will say "No content to show". Wall posts cannot be deleted. They also display no options underneith them like normal posts.


Chyll XP is a reward system that awards users points for using app features. For example, posting a status will earn you 100xp. Posting a status with an image attached will earn you 150xp, and changing your emoji gives you 100xp. Emojis are unlocked with XP, so the more you have, the more emojis will become available for you to use! After you earn 50,000xp you will unlock every emoji.

Changing your emoji

To change your emoji tap and hold on your emoji until you feel a quick vibration and the emojis panel displays. Here you will notice that there are 35 emojis to choose from. Actually, there are much more! Tap on the different colored hands to toggle through the different skin tones of emojis. The tones available are default yellow, caucasian, latino/asian, and african/dark skin tone. There is also another tab with a collection of squares in the bottom corner. This is the emoji packs panel. Here you will find emoji packs that are both free and paid for.

Emojis can be unlocked with XP. By default, only the first 10 emojis are available. As you earn Xp, you will notice more emojis will become available. This reflects to all the skin tones as well. Unlocking the angel emoji in default yellow also unlocks the latino angel!

Creating a post

Posting is the main purpose of Chyll, so you will notice that we took a great deal of time perfecting Chyll's status builder. First, let's go over how you display the status builder panel: click on the floating action button in the bottom right of the screen. This button displays on your profile and content panels. After you tap that button, the status builder will display. You will notice a large box at the top of the panel with a number 140 under it. This is where you will type your status. As you type, you will see the number below decreasing with each keystroke. This is the number of characters you have left in your post. Chyll statuses are only 140 characters long, so make good use of them!

Below the text area is where you can set your location. This box should already have your location in it, but if you want to change it or remove it, go right ahead. Your location will show up under your username in your post and on your profile panel. It is a good idea to leave your location set to what it was when you opened the status builder panel so that your post will reflect what you're actually doing and where you are doing it at.

Below the location box is where you will choose media to include in your post, if you're feeling up to it! You can choose an image from your device, take a picture, or pick a GIF animation from Chyll's built-in GIF keyboard. Images are a great way to enhance your status and make it more appealing to other users!

Finally, at the bottom of the screen you will find a scroll bar that reads "Tap or drag to update status", this will not submit your post. What this bar is meant for is to change your Chyll Status. You can choose unable to hang, ready to chill, or already chilling. Basically, this tells other users what your availability is. When you are unavailable a yellow ring will appear around your emoji on your post. Likewise, a green ring will appear when you are ready to chill, and a purple ring for already chilling.

Removed in Chyll 1.5.6

Woah, that was a lot. Guess what? You're finally ready to post your status! Just tap on post to send your status, or if you decided you don't feel like posting afterall, tap on discard to throw away your post draft.

Map and ChyllSpots

The ChyllSpot map is a truly unique feature to Chyll. This map allows users to share locations of places they like to hang out. Of course, you don't have to add your secret spot to the map, only add places you would feel comfortable making public. To lead the map, tap on the map icon at the top of the screen near the Chyll logo and other navigation buttons. Upon tapping this, Chyll will request coordinates from the server while also calculating your geographic location using GPS. After the map has loaded, you will see a little sunglasses emoji bouncing up and down in the center of the screen. This is your current location. If you zoom out, you will probably see some solid blue markers scattered accross the map. These are ChyllSpots added by other users. Tap on a ChyllSpot and notice that a window will appear with some informtion about the spot. You can also tap a button that reads &qout;Post from here" that will open a status builder with your location set to that ChyllSpot.

Adding a ChyllSpot to the map

To add a ChyllSpot to the map, tap on the floating action button in the bottom right of the screen. This will open a dialog panel with a couple empty boxes for you to fill in. The required meta information is the name of the ChyllSpot and a short description. These two pieces of info will be displayed in the box that displays when someone taps on your ChyllSpot. Remember: only add public places to the map, don't add property that doesn't belong to you or is closed to the public!


Just like any other app, Chyll utilizes settings to help make the user's experience better and more personalized. To open up the settings panel, tap on the gear icon below your emoji in the profile panel. This will replace your wall with the settings panel. Scroll through and you will notice three scroll bars that should all be green by default, indicating that those settings are turned on.

First up is a scroll bar to toggle sounds within the app. If the scroll bar is all the way to the right and green, that means that sounds will play. For example, when you pull down to refresh your content feed, you will hear a chirp sound as the feed reloads. Those sounds are controlled by the sounds setting.

Next up is the notification settings scroll bar. This determines whether or not you are alerted when someone interacts with your account. For example, if someone mentioned you in a post and you have notifications turned on, you would recieve a notification and the bell icon at the top of the screen would display a little red dot indicating a new notification. However, if you have notifications turned off, you will recieve no notifications if someone mentions your username, reposts, or replies to a post of yours. It is recommended that you leave this setting turned on so that you can interact with other users easier!

Finally, at the bottom of the panel you have the location accuracy scroll bar, and two buttons. The location scroll bar will set the level of accuracy to be used when determining your location. It is recommended that you set this to high so that Chyll can get your exact location to make your posts more accurate. If you're paranoid and don't want the app to know where you are, then set this bar to average or low. The two buttons mentioned earlier read "Reset XP" and "Report user". The first button resets your XP to 0 and the second button opens a panel where you can report a user for abuse. Warning: only report users who you truly believe have violated our community guidlines. False reports can actually backfire on you and end up in a termination of your account!

Adding friends

Chyll is so much better with friends! To add friends, navigate to the friends panel by tapping the menu icon and then tapping friends. This will display the friends panel. If you don't have a any friends added, this panel will appear mostly blank except for a search box at the top of the screen. Type a username in that box to look for a friend. The username will always be case-sensitive, so make sure to enter it just right. After you have entered a username that exists, that name will turn blue and bold and a button with the text "follow" will pop up. Tap this button to follow the user, notice that it will turn green and the user you just followed will appear below along with their emoji. To unfollow a user, just type their name into the search box and tap the button which now reads "following". This will remove the user from your friend list.

Your content feed will only show posts you make and posts by users you follow. Follow a ton of users to make your feed more interesting!


Why can't I sign in?

If you're having trouble signing in, it could be for one(or both) of two reasons: (a) you may be entering the wrong login credentials, or (b) there is no record of the credentials you are entering stored in our user data. An alternate, but unlikey reason is that you are not connected to any form of wireless internet or data and the client is not able to communicate with the server. This is unlikely because the app will check for internet connection on startup, but if you believe your connection status may have changed, it does't hurt to check.

Can I delete statuses that I post?

Yes! Just tap on the three horizontal dots under your post and select delete from the menu that appears. This will delete your post, however it may take a few seconds for the server to delete it and it may appear after you refresh the content feed. This is a bug we are working on right at this moment!

Whose statuses can I see?

You can only see posts made by people in your friend list. Is your content feed blank? That means you need to add some friends!

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