Jack Goehring-Fox (@JackFoxRox) is the CEO and founder of Chyll, a brand-new social media app emphasizing on user experiences and adventures. Chyll was designed to bring peoples' everyday fun into the eyes of others. You can use Chyll to connect with your friends and let them know what your doing, where you're doing it, and who is with you! With no annoying advertisements and minimal paid content, Chyll is designed with the user in mind, and could possibly be the most user-friendly social app on the market.

The Design

Chyll was designed simple: using a minimalist interface with trendy colors and icons, the user can easily navigate and understand the app. Use pictures, GIFs, and 140 characters or less to express yourself to the Chyll Community. Explore ChyllSpots and add your own. Chyll is an imersive social media that will highlight adventure, fun, and togetherness.


As previously mentioned, the Chyll app and servers are advertisment free. This is because we have decided that mainstream social media plateforms such as Facebook and Twitter would rather bombard users with advertisements and infringe upon their privacy to target those ads, than they would provide their users with a fully emersive and user-focused feed. Chyll users can rest easy knowing that none of their data is stored on our server for any sort of advertising or targeting. The small amount of personal information collected by Chyll only serves to enhane user experience and power core functions and concepts of Chyll app. As it stands now, Chyll will remain completely ad-free. While as server costs go up, advertisements may periodically display in your feed. However, we stand by our promise and unique claim that we shall never harvest information from our users to use to sell advertising. We will not do it.

The Concept

Chyll is an app for sharing adventures. Our mission is to emphasize the awesome lives of every day people. The world is a large and very interesting place, adventure lurks around every corner. Snap a picture and attach a witty caption and you've got a Chyll post! Use the interactive Chyll map to add your favorite resteraunts, bars, parks, and tucked away spots to a community-wide map made by Chyll users for Chyll users. Chyll is and always has been devoted to extraordinary user experiences. From sleek designs to trendy emojis and gifs, Chyll has been aiming to create an app that will be loved by many. Help us create an amazing new community together, get Chyll now!

Compatability and version

Platform Supported Version
Android Yes
iOS No N/A
Windows Phone Yes In progress